Friday, August 22, 2014

Crazy small town girl

Welcome to my crazy life! I am a young woman born and raised in Weiser Idaho so i'm a small town kinda gal. I got the hell out of that small town in 2011 and moved to Oregon to start a new life. I got lucky enough to meet my amazing husband while on my new journey. We were married in August of 2013 and are still going strong.

This blog is pretty much about a bunch of random things that I feel like sharing with you all. Like the fact that I unfortunately went through hell and back last year with a number of health problems. I am much better now but am still living with things that no one my age should have to. I refuse to let this get me down though. Despite the obstacles I have had to overcome, I am still dedicated to living a healthy normal lifestyle. I actually feel a stronger need for this because of everything that has happened to me. I love to try new things and if I succeed, I enjoy sharing my excitement with people which is why I have decided to start this blog. I hope you all enjoy the things I share with you and perhaps some of them will be things you can take and use yourself.