Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow and such...

Well here we are the first part of January and have a ridiculous amount of snow! It is up to my thighs in some places!! The only good thing that comes of this for me is that I get a good workout when I shovel ha ha! I am finding that this weather really brings down my level of motivation to work out. I have been doing a 30 day yoga challenge and I love it but have not done it now for 2 days in a row and that angers me. I am still working on holding myself accountable for sticking with things so I am disappointed in myself for skipping a couple of days.

I have also been sick with some sort of sinus issue. Unfortunately I get sick very easily because I have such a weak immune system from my autoimmune disease. When I get sick I usually stay sick for a long time, much longer than other people do. So that has been wonderful dealing with. I have been experiencing other random heath issues as well and I think it is just because my body is so out of whack with being sick right now. It doesn't help that with the disease I have I am basically allergic to the cold. Good thing I live in an area where we get 3 feet of snow in 2 days huh? Anywho I am trying to not let it get me down. I have to keep thinking about what is best for me and how much better I feel when I get up and move around and keep healthy!!

I have also started drawing again and am loving it! So far I have only done one piece, but I have so many ideas in my noggin so I am sure that I will be creating more here soon. The piece that I have put on here is a colored pencil sketch of my little Miah Bear. I am so happy with how it turned out :) I hope you all are staying dry and cozy in this weather!

Until next time...

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