Friday, April 15, 2016

Different ways to stay fit...

Hey there everyone! I was looking through my billions of pins on pinterest looking for a good mix of workout routines. I am not a huge fan of just doing cardio or just lifting weights. I really like to mix it up and have some variety in my workouts.

So this morning I got off my lazy butt and decided to throw something together. I ended up doing several different yoga poses: cat-cow pose, downward dog, warrior 1 and warrior 2. Then I transitioned into doing some cardio which included: jumping jacks, high knees, sumo squats, and running around the outside of our back yard several times with the dogs. After that I did some stretches and was done. It felt amazing just to get up and move around. I can definitely feel the difference in my body! It got me thinking about what other cool ways I could work out and have fun. I love music and I love to dance but I want to actually get a workout while doing it. I have never been a huge fan of those "Hip Hop Abs" or things like that because they are too structured for me. So after doing some research I have decided to try belly dancing.

I have tried it before and even have a video on beginners belly dancing. After researching how many positive things it does for the body I am really excited to try it and think it will be very beneficial to my health and fitness. I will let you all know how it goes, I am planning on starting later this evening after I finally stop slacking and get some homework done. If anyone else has done belly dancing and has some feed back please let me know, I would love to hear from you. As always I hope you are all happy and healthy. 

Until next time...

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